Relatively Speaking and Knock for a Cup of Tea

Two more poems from Torridon Writers: a rhyming poem from the King of the Absurd, Terry Thompson, and a gentle poem on a serious subject from Lucreta La Pierre.



Relatively Speaking


I will tell you about a relative

Who in fact was quite negative.

My story of course is inventive,

I hope you will find it intuitive.


Uncle Tom was a great relation,

A stalwart of the British nation.

At first there was no indication

Of Uncle Tom’s weird creation.


The creation was a magic jacket,

The man was a genius at placket.

He hope to earn him quite a packet,

He ended up inside a strait-jacket.


You may think it was his demise

But he gave the family quite a surprise

When before their very eyes

Were trousers of an enormous size.


Alas, another creation quite unproductive,

The inmates within were quite destructive

Although the ladies were quite seductive

They really were being too obstructive.


Poor Uncle Tom was by now really skint,

No longer could he do another stint,

His saddened eyes no longer had that glint

And the words he muttered you could not print.


No longer could he his blessings count,

His bank account showed no amount,

The bills, alas, began to surmount,

So a happy ending you can discount.


Terry—March 2009





Knock for a Cup of Tea


A knock on the entrance,

That’s all it takes

To avoid my ache.


Do make a move and

Knock on my door

As I yearn to hear a voice

Or even see a face.


I am frail, lonely and confused, too;

I awake to the knock of the postman on my flap

But all I need is for you to come in for tea and cakes

Or even for a handshake.


I gaze through the window frame,


As I wave to a passer-by

Wishing it would last.


It’s bright and sunny outside

But dark on the inside;

But all I want is a friendly face

To bring a smile into my place.


An entry into my gate:

That’s all it takes.


Lucreta – Dec 2008






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