The writing group were asked to write a ‘list’ poem.

Joyce Gates chose birds:




Birds of a feather

All stay together:

Eagle and osprey flying free,

Capture food in flight,

Nests are always built

Top of the highest tree.


Starlings have a lot to say

No matter what the weather;

They like an evening flight:

Keeps their flock together.


Cheeky robin has no fear:

Gardener’s friend and helper;

Proudly boasts his little red breast

On Christmas cards forever.


Parrot, a domestic pet,

Often speaking out of turn;

Likes to mime and mimic,

Very quick to learn.


Owl on night watch

Sees his prey

Through focused  eyes;

Disappears at break of day.


So don’t forget

Our feathered friends,

Wild and domestic,

Always there to entertain –

Long may they remain.


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